Forest Schools

Forest School sessions are a great way for children to experience the outdoors in a fun and adventurous way. These are sessions that are essentially child-led so they will evolve naturally according to individual children’s interests and abilities, assisted by our qualified and experienced practitioners.

Where children’s interest determine we can support them by providing equipment and knowledge to assist them to explore, den building, foraging, campfire cooking, mini-beast hunts, river-dipping, fire lighting, woodland crafts, storytelling, water channelling and purification, making bows and arrows, survival skills and natural paint making to name a few ideas.

We work with nurseries, primary and secondary schools, home educators, community groups, families, youth groups, voluntary organisations and individuals. If you are interested in holding or attending Forest School sessions please get in touch so we can talk about your requirements.

Our sessions are either half a day (2-3 hours morning or afternoon) or a full day (4-5 hours).

Guide Price:

  • Half a day (2-3 hours) – £150
  • Full day (4-5 hours) – £250

Please note that the prices are for guidance only. They may vary depending on the type of session, location, materials used and a length of each project. We do offer discounts for longer term projects and can assist you in applying for funding.

To experience the full benefit of participating in Forest School sessions we would recommend a long term commitment which allows groups to witness the changing of the seasons and the ability to build on ideas.


‘‘The children built on important skills like teamwork, communication, managing risks and showing determination. It was a great success and I’d repeat it with other groups in the future.’’
~ C. Minikin, Headteacher, Montalbo Primary School

Mia: ‘‘I liked all of it, especially the cooking on the fire!’’

Joe: ‘’I enjoyed foraging for food and the fire activities.’’

Ben: ‘‘I enjoyed carving and whittling sticks. Those were my favourite activities.’’

Year 6 Pupils, Montalbo Primary School