Throughout the year we hold a variety of events for children and families; these include celebration events that focus on the seasons and key dates in the calendar, our interactive book walks and a host of one-off activities.

To find out what is coming up please visit our ‘What’s On’ page, or to find out what you can expect have a look below for more details.

Book walks

Book walks are a great way to enthuse children about exploring the outdoors and incite a spirit of adventure whilst encouraging reading.

Our popular book walks and activities are based on children’s favourite stories, such as Julia Donaldson’s ‘Stick Man’ and ‘The Gruffalo’ and Michael Rosen’s ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt.’ Children step into the story by listening and participating in activities that are inspired by the narrative.

book walks monster hiding

Celebration events


Throughout the year we hold celebration days. Often these include events to commemorate the season such as spring equinox and winter solstice. At these sessions we provide a range of themed activities to enjoy which highlight the seasonal changes and encourage a connection to the natural environment.

Father’s day

Another regular feature of our calendar is our Father’s day den building session with families working together to create shelters before sitting back and enjoying a well earned snack around the campfire and admiring their creations.

Night Tree

Night Tree is a very special event, that is a guaranteed sell out as families return year on year. Taking inspiration from Eve Bunting’s book ‘Night Tree’ we gather at dusk in the woods close to Christmas eve and make cereal chains, apple hangings and balls of sunflower seeds decorating the woodland trees in all things edible, so the wild animals can enjoy this special time of the year too.

Then as the site is plunged in to darkness we sit and enjoy a hot chocolate around the campfire while we speculate who might come and eat the gifts we have left.


“We all had so much fun this morning finding Stick Man! Thank you for putting this on — we will be back for more events in the future!”
~ L. Hill, parent, The FantaSTICK Adventure Walk inspired by Stick Man

“Everyone with children should experience this. It’s amazing…and they cater for every age range!! They engage the children with exciting activities that explore our natural surroundings, my boys talked about it for days.”
~ C. Jordan, parent, The Deep Dark Wood Walk inspired by the Gruffalo

“A fantastic fathers day den building morning was had by all. My two little boys (2yrs and 10 months) thoroughly enjoyed building a den, making garlic bread and sausage rolls and cooking them on the campfire. My two year old said when walking home, ‘ Mammy we’ve had a lovely morning haven’t we’. High praise from a toddler!.”
~ K. Tamar, parent, Father’s Day Den Building

“Spent the morning doing Father’s Day den building and cannot recommend this highly enough… Both my 2.5 year old and nearly 5 yo loved it as did their dad. The staff went above and beyond to ensure that my daughter who has multiple allergies was included and checked all packaging with me beforehand! Will definitely be booking up again xx”
~ C. Haylock, parent, Father’s Day Den Building

Wildcraft Adventure

Survive the Wilderwood, Beat the Monsters, Open the Portal!

In video games like Minecraft and Terraria, players have to survive in a hostile environment, build their own home, hunt for their food, search for resources and fend off wandering monsters. Sure, your child can survive in the ‘wilderness’ on the computer screen, but can they do it out in the real woods? In this exciting outdoor game kids must work together, using what they know from video games, to learn outdoor survival skills and earn points along the way.

Playing Wildcraft Adventure™ is a fantastic way to get your video game obsessed child out into nature.

Just like in their favourite video games, kids are set a number of challenges throughout the day including building dens. Players learn how to light fires, ‘mine’ for resources and use sharp tools; all closely supervised by experienced outdoor activity leaders. There is also plenty of time to get creative with play and imagination.

It is open to children aged between 6 – 12 years. Please check our ‘What’s on’ section for the next game or sign up for our mailing list to get updates.

Wildcraft Adventure™ Copyright 2016 Woodland Classroom. All Rights Reserved. To find our more, visit



“What a fabulous day. Took my son and his friend and they both can’t wait for the next one. Minecraft outdoors what a great idea. From den building, challenges to complete, campfire and even the monsters at night. Definitely recommend it.”
~ J. Tomlinson, parent

“My girls haven’t stopped talking about all the amazing things they did. They are still making things out of sticks and wood. They really enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you so much for giving them a totally amazing experience. Highly recommended.”
~ T. Allison, parent

“Yet again both my children (age six and eight) had an amazing time at the Minecraft themed bushcraft! They have talked about nothing else all day and can’t wait to come back!”
~ S. Hopper, parent