Bespoke Bookings

We offer bespoke bookings – tailoring the day or session to your group. Groups of children or adults are welcome.

Guide Price:

  • Half a day (2-3 hours) – £150
  • Full day (4-5 hours) – £190
  • 6 weeks programmes (1 x 2 – hour session a week) £600
  • 12 weeks and longer (1 x 2-hour session a week) £90 per session guide price.

Please note that the prices are for guidance only. They may vary depending on the type of session, location, materials used and a length of each project. We do offer discounts for longer term projects and can assist you in applying for funding.

The long-term projects (6 months plus) are most beneficial to participants and potentially most cost effective. Please get in touch to discuss it in more detail.